• Second Hand Designer Clothing - The New Height of Fashion

    Second Hand Designer Clothing - The New Height In Fashion!

    Buying, selling and recycling clothes have always been the ultimate in eco fashion, reducing waste and the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture of new clothes.

    But in the past there has been a social stigma attached to buying second hand clothes ... that has all changed ...

    There has been a massive shift in views ... Second Hand Clothing is now not only accepted but has become positively fashionable with people flocking to second hand clothes stores, car boot sales and of course the all famous EBay attracting thousands of buyers. Buying second hand clothing has now become the nations pastime!

    Purchasing Second Hand Designer Clothing is a great way to obtain clothing from your favourite designer at a fraction of the cost. Designer clothes are well known for quality ... they are well made and usually last. Second Hand Designer Clothing is well looked after and is often worn once, twice or often never!

    You cannot beat a great designer piece for superior quality, detail and cut. Second hand clothing shoppers need to be discerning when choosing what clothes to buy. At Second Wave Couture you will always get a personal one to one experience with a fashion consultant. All your questions will be answered accurately and honestly.

    Visit our store at www.secondwavecouture.co.uk and learn how to get a return on your fashion investment or alternatively browse our vintage / new / secondhand designer garments

  • Second Hand Designer Clothing & The Recession - Second Wave Couture

    Natasha Woodhouse of Second Wave Couture launched online last year selling second-hand ladies designer clothing. After many years working in IT Natasha has taken the ‘Gently Used Designer Clothing’ family business established years ago in the heart of Covent Garden to the Internet and now has loyal and regular customers worldwide. In spite of the recession she has been doing so well she plans to expand into the men’s second-hand designer clothing market in 2010.
    Natasha states that leaner times have made it easier for her to source the designer items her business depends on. Miss Woodhouse said: “Ladies who are used to buying high end goods have no qualms in consigning their goods and getting a return for their much loved purchases... It is noticeably easier getting hold of second-hand items that have been worn once twice or often never from designers like Chloe, Versace, and D&G etc to sell on and I am sure the recession is making this easier”
    “Natasha states that her clients feel that selling off their unwanted / unworn items enables them to justify their spending ”
    We have huge amounts of satisfied customers worldwide who could never have dreamt of purchasing the labels that we enable them to do so at such a discounted price tag.
    Visit Natasha at Second Wave Couture to Consign or Buy your Designer Clothes ....

  • Credit Crunch ... Recycle Designer Labels ... Helping the Individual, Boutique, Department Store and the Manufacturer

    Recycling Fashion
    Why are more of us fashion savvy ladies not getting involved in this latest phenomenon? Whether it is consignment or buying it helps individuals, boutiques, department stores and manufacturers of designer goods in this current economic climate
    I am sure there is that corner in your closet that has designer pieces that you wore a handful of times and will never be worn again ... free up the space in your wardrobe and recycle your clothes allowing enjoyment for someone else and freeing up a budget for you to buy fabulous new additions for that over packed closet!
    We may be in a recession but we still have to attend functions and parties. We don’t have to change our shopping habits but amend the way we go about it. Recycling fashion seems to be the answer in an economic climate that is having an effect on us all worldwide
    When you consign your clothing it is not just yourself and the individual that purchases your item that will benefit, it is also the department stores, boutiques and manufacturers that all get a boost in this recycling process
    I speak from knowledge in this business and know the delight that many of my customers find from discovering hidden treasures at www.secondwavecouture.co.uk consignment store.
    As budgets have tightened in this economic crunch buying used goods is not purely for fans of vintage clothing. My customers respond to great prices and selection as well as the opportunity of buying someone else’s gently used clothing
    Women have been recently cleaning their closets of the most luxurious items and enjoying getting a return on their goods
    If you haven’t already done it ... have a good look through your wardrobe and consider the idea of recycling those designer goods that you wore once, twice or maybe never! Alternatively visit our store and discover what the latest recycling hype in fashion is all about!

  • Second Hand Designer Clothing at Second Wave Couture


    Second Wave Couture where designer brands at fantastic prices are just a click away! We are specialists in the sale of nearly new Contemporary and Couture designer womanswear sourced from the closets of fashion loving ladies


    We are in a recession .. the Celebrities do it ... Julia Roberts does it ....Penelope Cruz. And so does just about everybody else these days ... So why don't you?

    As the recession slogs on many fashion savy ladies are wearing and buying pre-owned or used designer clothing.

    A survey done recently for eBay has revealed 75 percent of adults are purchasing pre-owned goods to save money. Nine in 10 adults surveyed see buying used merchandise as a form of recycling.

    It is the height of chic and a lot of stylish women are wearing gently used clothing. The days of negative associations with second-hand clothing are long gone and it is now about saving money without sacrificing style.

    Julia Roberts won an academy award wearing a classic vintage Valentino in 2001. Penelope Cruz accepted her Oscar dressed in a 60-year-old Balmain gown.

    So go resale shopping today and discover for yourself what the buzz is all about!

    You can find Second Wave Couture's gently used designer clothes sold on the largest Internet giant EBay which can be seen in our EBay store at http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Second-Wave-Couture.

    We are extremely particular in the clothing that we consign. Our merchandise is photographed and accurate measurements and descriptions are written.

    Buying pre-owned items doesn’t necessarily mean you’re buying used, I myself have many designer items that I have bought on impulse and never been worn!

    Visit us today at:

    We look forward to welcoming you to our store

    Kind Regards
    Natasha Woodhouse


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